Military Service

  • Active Duty

    The student would begin this process by speaking with a recruiter. Following that, a physical and vocational aptitude test would be given to determine if the student qualifies for military and the best suited career type while in the military. Typical time commitment is 4-5 years. Students enlisted in the military are usually not attending college after high school but do receive educational benefits that they can use after their time in the military or even possibly during their enlistment.


    Reserve Office Training Corps (ROTC) is a college program that trains students to become officers in the military. There are college scholarships associated with the ROTC programs. The most common ROTC scholarship allows a student to participate in the ROTC program for the first two years of college without a monetary incentive and then have the option to enroll in the ROTC Advanced Course. If the student chooses to enroll in the ROTC Advanced Course, they are obligated to serve time with the military. There are also four-year ROTC scholarships, which also require the student to serve in the military after graduating from college.

    Military Academy

    A military academy is a four-year college. Students attending one of these schools receive a full four-year scholarship that is valued at more than $350,000 (tuition, room and board, medical and dental care and a monthly salary). Students are required to fulfill an obligation to the military upon graduation. The admissions process for military academies is quite extensive. Students interested in this option need to begin researching the application process in the sophomore year of high school. Selection at the military academies is based on scholastic achievements, involvement in school and community activities, leadership achievements and athletic achievements. Students are also required to obtain a congressional or presidential/military nomination to be considered.