Anne Morrow Lindbergh Room


    Where is the Anne Morrow Lindbergh Room?
    Next to the band room, across from Gym 2 (small gym in the middle of campus)
    Where do I park?
    In a VISITOR parking spot outside the doors of the Anne Morrow Lindbergh Room (AML), adjacent to the gyms.
    How do I get there?
    • TURN slight right from the security booth, IF the yellow, steel-reinforced pylons are down, drive through to the small lot in front of the AML Room.

    • OR, TURN LEFT at the security booth and RIGHT at the stop sign, drive around to the back of school and park outside of Gym 2 and the 300's building.

    • OR, TURN RIGHT at the security booth, drive to the back of campus: pass the library, pass the commons and large parking lot, pass the football field, pass the tennis courts to the closed lot in front of the AML Room.