• Lindbergh Retired Educators

    LRE was organized in 1985 to provide a continuing connection for all retired Lindbergh employees. Our organization is open to anyone who has worked in any way with or on behalf of students in the Lindbergh School District. LRE serves our members in the following ways:
    • Provides members the opportunity to stay in touch with colleagues and coworkers as well as keep abreast of happenings throughout the district.
    • Works on behalf of members regarding health insurance and pension matters.
    • Informs members of important legislation affecting our retirement and our schools.
    • Organizes opportunities to make a difference through volunteer initiatives, scholarships and service opportunities. 
    • Plans events and outings in the interest of having fun.

    LRE’s lineage can be traced back to the Missouri Retired Teachers Association.  Through MRTA, we receive leadership training as well as legislative representation and lobbying regarding PSRS (Public School Retirement System) and our pensions.  We pay no affiliation fee to MRTA.


    Officers for 2016-2018
    Co-Presidents:   •  Dianne Schmidt
                              •  Mary Hogan

    Secretary:       •  Robbie Engel                 

    Historian:       •  Marcie Dairaghi                                                               

    Treasurer:      •. Susan Fluegel                                                                   

    Legislative Committee:  

                          •  MNEA Reporter - Susan Fluegel

                          •  MRTA Reporter - Jim Sandfort                                                                                  

    Insurance:      •. Vicki Stoll                                                                

    Newsletter:     •  Mary Meyer

                          •. Marilyn Forir 

    Photographer:  • Bill White




    Membership Co-Chairs:                                                                 

    •  Lin Heater

    •  Tracy Malke                                                                                                                                                          

       + Membership Committee Members:

    • Central Office - Sandy Conrad
    • Support Staff - Naomi Secoy
    • Crestwood - Karen Papin
    • Kennerly -  Rosemary Hopson
    • Librarians - Vicky Stanford
    • Long - Ellen Kramer
    • Old Truman/Concord - Robbie Engel
    • Sappington - Dianne Schmidt
    • Sperreng - Carol Gloss & Vicky Stanford
    • High School - Don Bee & Nancy Benson
    • SSD - Margaret Barnidge & Jerri Neumann

    Social Committee Chairs

    • Dee Callanan
    • Sara Fabick

     Scholarship Advisor 

    • Vic Lenz  

    Service Projects, Chairs of

    • Mary Meyer:  Angels' Arms
    • Sara Fabick:  Signature Parties, Chair

    Technology Trainer

    • Colin Davitt, LSD Instructional Technology Specialist

    Electronic Correspondence Reporter

    • Pat Watt

    Facebook Manager

    • Marietta Schwalbe

    Website Manager

    • Marilyn Forir