• Course Description– Students in this course will improve reading proficiency through explicit, direct instruction in fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. Students will read appropriate leveled literature in a variety of  formats for both academic and recreational purposes.

    Course Outline-

    GoalAll students will recognize the value in reading, increase their reading comprehension, increase their academic vocabulary, and become a multi-textual reader.


    · Students will increase their lexile reading level a minimum of 50 points per semester.

    · Students will engage in daily reading activities.

    · Students will increase their reading comprehension and communication skills through discussion and writing.


    Instructional FormatThe students will be participating in a daily reading workshop. The reading workshop components consist of review, mini-lessons on reading strategies, vocabulary & author’s study, independent choice reading, and individual reading conferences.

    Purpose of Reading WorkshopTo provide students with individualized reading instruction designed to meet each student’s reading needs. Students will spend time reading a combination of student choice and teacher choice texts.

    Individual choice readingReading for enjoyment increases reading rate, fluency, and the desire to read at an individualized pace. The ultimate goal of recreational reading is to create an atmosphere that encourages students to read while increasing the desire to read beyond the boundaries of the classroom. Students are immersed in reading for enjoyment and applying reading comprehension skills automatically.

    Required readingThe practice of reading demanding texts is necessary for the development of analysis and discussion skills. The ultimate goal of required reading is to increase literacy communication and vocabulary through exposure to a variety of texts.