• 1) Where is the Facilities Office located?
    The Facilities Office is located on the Lindbergh High School campus. We are directly across from the Administration Building in the 300 Building. Enter at door #54. The office is room #321, which is the second door on the right hand side.
    2) What are the office hours?
    The office is open from 7:30 am - 4:00 pm, Monday - Friday.
    3) How do I submit a work order?
    You can either contact your building secretary and ask her to write a work order for you or you may go to the SchoolDude link on our website and submit your own work order. With either method, your work order will first be routed to your school Principal for approval before it comes to the Facilities Office for assignment.
    4) How do I rent a gym/area in the District for my activity?
    Please click on the "Facility Rental Helpful Information" link on our website. There is specific information to help you contact the appropriate person to help you find an area for your activity. Rental fees are also listed.