Submitting Jobs Via Email

  • Teachers can create an email and attach a PDF of what they want to print and send it to their approver in their school. PDFs are preferred except when requesting posters or banners. JPG files can be sent if they are not sized already. The email should have detailed information in it of what they want. The approver reviews the information and checks to see if it is correct and adds the account code for billing then forwards the email to for processing. 

    The approver can keep the emails in a folder for reference but should not let the folder get too large because of memory concerns. 

    The content of the email should only contain specs of the job because this will be printed out and will become the job ticket. A copy of the email will return with your job and another copy will go to Central Office for record storage. 

    DO NOT SEND JOB EMAILS TO OUR PERSONAL EMAIL. WE ARE MONITORING THE JOB EMAIL CONSTANTLY AND BOTH OF US CAN SEE THIS EMAIL. Our personal emails are not monitored continuously and one of us might be on vacation and no one can get to the job.

    We WILL NOT process a job unless it is from an approver. Teachers do not send us the email directly. You must send it to your approver. The approval process is necessary. The email that has been forwarded by the approver is the same as a signature on the hard copy ticket.

    The other way to send a job is with a hard copy ticket. Just fill out the ticket and attach what you want printed to the ticket and send it to your approver. They will sign and code the ticket and send it through the inner office mail.