Print Job Guidelines

  • The primary reason for operating the Copy Center is to provide quality reproduction of materials for instructional and administrative use. The guidelines are designed to provide the quickest possible turnaround time for your jobs.This does not preclude duplicating some materials with equipment already in the schools. The Copy Center is not intended for the reproduction of books, booklets, or other materials which can be purchased and/or is protected by copyright.
    1. All job tickets must be filled out completely, to include principal’s signature, account code and any information needed to complete the job. A minimum of 5 copies of your job is required.
    2. A four working day lead time is requested for materials under ten pages and 1,000 copies.
    3. A six working day lead time is requested for materials over ten pages and 1,000 copies.
    4. All jobs are processed in the order they are received. Jobs on white paper are processed before colored paper and cardstock jobs.
    5. All originals need to be the same size 8-1/2 x 11. Special needs will be considered on an individual basis.
    6. All work must be press-ready when submitted. The Copy Center does not do lay-out and paste-up work. We will not modify any file sent to us online. Special requests will be considered on an individual basis.
    7. Originals stapled or taped together will be sent back. This can damage the feeders that scan the originals. Please put the pages in the order that you want them printed and paperclip together. Numbered pages are preferred.
    8. All single-sided originals for double-sided work should be put in page order and marked on the ticket as single-sided to double-sided. Double-sided originals are preferred.
    9. All written material should be submitted in black ink (red ink may be acceptable if it is dark). Cameras see red as black and light blue does NOT reproduce. ORIGINALS ON RED PAPER USUALLY DON’T WORK.  No pencil for handwritten work.
    10. A one-quarter inch margin should be left on all four sides of the original.
    11. All work is submitted through the inter-mail system. (This includes work by organizations such as parent groups, etc.). The same guidelines apply and approval from the building principal is required.
    12. Organizations will be charged for supplies and materials used for duplicating.
    13. Work should be combined when possible to eliminate repetitious paper work.
    14. We offer colored paper throughout the year but reserve the right to use white paper. Colors require more time as do finishing requests such as stapling and or binding. Please allow extra time for these items.
    15. Black ink will be the only color used in printing all materials during the school year.
    16. Printing of letterheads, jobs using colored inks or requiring negatives and/or metal plates is work that should be done in the summer.
    17. Any request for paper smaller than a case without printing should be sent to the copy center on a jog ticket or in an email processed like an order. A minimum order of a ream is required. Ordering cases of paper should go to the warehouse.
    18. SSD has a procedure they are to follow regarding sending jobs to the Copy Center. SSD has allowed the Copy Center to print jobs for the SSD employees and bill them for the work.
    19. It is the responsibility of the principal or the administrator signing the job tickets to screen for SSD employees sending tickets through and make sure they are coded correctly by marking them SSD.
    20. Teachers can create an email and attach a PDF (PDFs are preferred. If requesting a poster then a JPG file can be sent) of what they want to print and send it to the approver in their school. The email should have detailed information in it of what they want. The approver reviews the information and checks to see if it is correct and adds the account code for billing then forwards the email to for processing. Keep the information in the email simple and to the point. The email will act as your ticket.

    Any questions call the Copy Center at ext. 2077