Lindbergh Interactive Classroom

  • Lindbergh INteractive Classroom (LiNC) establishes our district as a regional leader in instructional technology and gives teachers the training and tools they need to tailor instruction to a computer-savvy generation.

    The goal of LiNC is to train all teachers and administrators to be proficient in classroom technology usage. Lindbergh classrooms will be equipped with interactive equipment such as white boards, BYOD and projectors, to engage students and teachers in a new, more advanced type of learning.

    In pursuit of our LiNC goals, Lindbergh Schools ensures that all teachers are properly equipped and well-trained to best integrate technology into their best practices. Each teacher is provided with a district laptop, access to GoogleApps to education, and an incredible LiNC set-up. Each classroom is outfitted with an interactive projector, an ELMO document camera, a Front Row sound system and digital cable access. Our professional development program, ELITE, prepares our educators to take full advantage of these powerful tools.