The Friendship Circle

    Friendship Circle is a tool used to help students to solve problems peacefully. When students have issues with one another, they are encouraged to solve problems themselves by using the following four-step process:

    1. Gather the facts. This step is used to gather information to identify the problem.
    2. Madness management. This is to ensure that the problem does not escalate. The children are told that they will not shout, insult, tease, or bully while working on the problem. They must agree to follow these rules.
    3. Caring communication. During this step the children use "I" message to tell their story and how they feel about the problem. They will also demonstrate active listening skills to hear the other side of the problem.
    4. Timely tools. Finally, the children will decide how they will solve their problem. This will be done by choosing one of the twelve tools that are taught in class (examples: sharing, apologizing, taking turns, paper rock scissors, pick a number, etc). Please encourage your child(ren) to utilize this tool. Together we can teach them how to solve their problems in an effective and productive manner. This skill will be used throughout their lives.