• Counseling Resources












    Alliance for the Mentally Ill



    (314) 966-4670



    Information on depression, bipolar, and other mental health issues.






    (314) 647-1572



    Fellowship of relatives and friends of alcoholics who share their experiences and provide strength.



    Annie's Hope



    (314) 965-5015



    A bereavement center for kids and families.



    Behavioral Health Response



    (314) 469-6644



    Mental health crisis hotline and mobile outreach unit.



    Centerpoint Hospital



    (636) 441-7300



    Adolescent assessment and referral for psychiatric issues and drug abuse.



    Child Abuse/Neglect Hotline



    (800) 392-3738



    24 hour hotline used to advocate for someone you suspect is being abused or neglected.



    Children's Advocacy Services of Greater St. Louis



    (314) 516-6798(314) 535-3003



    Dedicated to reducing the effects of trauma on children and adolescents.



    Covenant House



    (800) 999-9999



    Emergency shelter and counseling services.



    Crime Victim Advocacy Center



    (314) 652-3623



    Hotline for victims of violent crimes. Caller's needs will be assessed and appropriate referral made.






    (636) 532-1991



    Adolescent outpatient program for drug abuse.



    Department of Health - St. Louis County



    (314) 842-1300



    Provides medical evaluation and testing. Includes STD clinic, mental health, dental, and eye exams.



    Epworth Children and Family Services



    (314) 961-5718



    Provides youth development services to help children overcome severe emotional and behavioral challenges.



    Family Resource Center



    (314) 534-9350



    Assists in improving relationships between parents and their children.



    Family Support Network



    (314) 963-9571



    Professional counseling and other family support services. Free or reduced rates.



    Homeless Hotline



    (314) 802-5444



    Homeless hotline for St. Louis city and county.



    Hyland Behavioral Health @ St. Anthony's



    (314) 525-4400



    Intake and assessment; treatment for adolescents (may be a fee).



    Kids in the Middle



    (314) 909-9922



    Counseling services for children and adolescents experiencing parent's divorce and/or separation.



    Kids Under Twenty-One (KUTO)



    (314) 644-5886



    Crisis helpline. Sun-Thurs 4-10pm and Fri-Sat 4pm-midnight.



    Legal Services of Eastern Missouri



    (314) 534-4200



    Legal services/advice for equal access to justice for low income families.



    Life Crisis Services



    (314) 647-3100



    Telephone counseling and referral services.



    Lindbergh Social Workers



    (314) 729-2400



    Carol Sosa (x2452) and Harlan Krier (x1582), intervention counselors for Lindbergh schools.



    National Council on Alcohol & Drug Abuse (NCADA)



    (314) 962-3456



    Information, counseling, referral, and assessment for substance abuse.



    National Eating Disorders Association



    (800) 931-2237



    Provides information about eating disorders and treatment.



    National Suicide Prevention Life Line



    (800) 273-TALK



    Immediate assistance provided. Will refer to local prevention and mental health services providers.



    Parent Link



    (800) 552-8522



    Provides free parenting information.



    Rainbow Youth Hotline



    (877) LGBT-YTH



    24 hour hotline for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered youth.



    Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network



    (800) 656-4673



    Helps find local counseling resources.



    St. John's Mercy



    (314) 251-6565



    Mental health assessment and treatment for adolescents.



    United Way






    Puts you in touch with twenty different community helping organizations



    The Wellness Community



    (314) 238-2000



    Support for cancer patients and their family members.



    Youth Emergency Services (YES)



    (314) 727-6294



    Emergency housing and counseling.



    Youth In Need (YIN)



    (314) 946-0101 946-3771 hotline



    Transitional, residential treatment for adolescents.



    YWCA of Greater St. Louis



    (314) 726-6665 531-7273 hotline



    St. Louis Regional Sexual Assault Center for minors, transitional housing, and woman's safe house for adults.






    Other Basic Needs












    Affton Christian Food Pantry



    (314) 580-3138



    A collaborative partnership operating out of St. George Church supplying basic food needs to the Affton Community.



    Carver House



    (314) 652-8485



    Emergency help, prescription drugs, and clothing.



    Catholic Charities



    (314) 367-5500



    Emergency food, utilities, clothing, and shelter.



    Circle of Concern



    (636) 861-2623



    Food pantry located in Valley Park.



    Community Outreach Center



    (314) 652-6954



    Food, utilities, rent, and mortgage assistance.



    Energy Assistance Help



    (866) 430-0828



    Alleviates the threat of utility disconnection or restores utility service. Also provides money management and energy conservation classes, weatherization of homes, minor energy related repairs, and repair/installation of furnace & air conditioners.



    Energycare Information



    (314) 773-5900



    Provides energy services and information for low-income elderly, disabled, ill, and young children.



    Feed My People



    (314) 631-4900



    Emergency and long-term food help, along with other programs for families in need.



    Heat Up St. Louis



    (314) 241-7668



    Year-round assistance to help people who are at risk when the weather gets bitterly cold or brutally hot.



    Housing Resource Center/Homeless Hotline



    (314) 802-5440



    Assists with any housing or shelter need.



    Human Development Corporation



    (314) 613-2200



    Utility assistance for St. Louis City and Wellston residents.



    MO Low Income Home Energy Assistance



    (314) 863-0015



    Financial assistance to help pay heating bills (October - March).



    Mortgage Negotiators



    (314) 553-0680



    Helps negotiate your mortgage with your lender.



    Operation Food Search



    (314) 726-5355



    St. Louis area food bank that provides emergency hunger relief and nutrition education.



    Red Cross



    (800) 864-3575



    General information.



    Salvation Army



    (314) 646-3000



    Rent, utilities, after-school programs, food.



    St. Vincent de Paul Society



    (314) 531-7837



    Food, furniture, clothing, and utilities.



    United Way






    Puts you in touch with twenty different community helping organizations.



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