Kindergarten Supply List

Label the following items with child’s name:

  • Back pack (not rolling)

  • Plastic pencil box (no larger than 5 X 8)

  • 1 **Mead Primary Journal K-2 (can be found at Walmart- *down the craft aisle* or Target)

  • 1 marble cover composition notebook

  • 1 pair **Fiskars scissors

  • 1 two pocket folder, any design

  • 1 red two-pocket folder with prong

  • 1 blue two-pocket folder with prongs

Do not label these items with child’s name:

Package of 24 #2 pencils, **Ticonderoga brand 4 erasers (Pink Pearl or Magic Rub)
 4 glue sticks
Box of 24 crayons
1 box Washable Markers, fine or wide
1 box of fine tip **EXPO dry erase markers
Girls: 1 roll of paper towels
Girls: 1 package Post-It notes, any size
Boys: gallon size Ziploc bags
Boys: 1 roll Scotch tape
Clorox anti-bacterial wipes
1 large box of Kleenex
$5.00 for additional classroom supplies

Please bring supplies to Long School’s Family Reunion/Ice Cream Social.