• Course Overview

    The philosophy of the Lindbergh High School District and the Special School District mathematics programs is to prepare each individual student with the skills and concepts necessary for daily living. The high school mathematics faculty is dedicated to helping students achieve success in mathematics by helping students reach their individual highest potential.  Fundamentals of Math curriculum combines what students know and what they can demonstrate.  This requires some teacher adaptations to the general math curriculum.



    1.    Demonstrate an understanding of numbers

    2.    Solve problems in consumer situations

    3.    Apply the our basic operations in computational situations

    4.    Estimate results and judge reasonableness of solution

    5.    Apply the concept of measurement to the physical world

    6.    Recognize geometric relationships

    7.    Recognize and apply problem solving


    Lindbergh’s 6 Pillars of Character Education

    Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship


    Classroom Expectations

    All students will follow classroom procedures and rules which we will construct and go over in detail the first few weeks of school.  Most of the work will be done during class time so it is very important to come to class everyday.  If you do have to be absent, you will be expected to complete all work and/or tests missed.  Come to class prepared and on time.  When you enter the room, class has begun.  During class, work hard, listen, and complete tasks and show respect.