• Please make sure that your child wears or brings tennis shoes to school on their P.E. days. Acceptable shoes are those that fasten by ties or velcro, are not sandals or Crocs, and do not have open tops. Check HERE for the calendar of letter days.

    4th and 5th graders may purchase a heart rate monitor band for $5.  If they chose not to do this they can use the school's bands.

    Mrs. Driemeyer believes in Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.  If you have any unwanted fitness, sports or items you believe PE and recess could use please consider donating them.


    Here is a list of possible items:

    • Water noodle ANY CONDITION
    • Sports balls-any type
    • Small fitness equipment like weights, bosu balls, exercise balls, mats (not large items like treadmills)
    • Gymnastic or tumbling equipment
    • Outdoor recreation items like corn hole, ladders, washers
    • Storage bins
    • Board Games (for classroom teacher-indoor recess)
    • Cones, goals
    • Balance boards, circus-type items
    • Paddle, rackets, scoops
    • Gently used tennis shoes and socks (prefer the tennis shoes not be gender specific but any shoe we can't use we donate).
    • Kickboxing bags or Martial Arts items