My name is Scott Fleming and I welcome you to my website.  Here you will be able to find more information about me, my expectations, and the courses that I teach.  In this, my eighteenth year at Lindbergh, I am teaching Algebra 2 College Prep periods 4 and 5, and Pre Calculus periods 1 and 7, and Algebra Concepts period 2. 
    My planning period is 6th hour,  3rd hour I am a learning lab math tutor, so if you need help I am available that hour. 
    If you have any questions or concerns please CONTACT ME by phone at 729-2400 ext. 1156 or by email at sfleming@lindberghschools.ws.  I will get back with you as soon as possible.
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    Our department offers after-school tutoring in room 250(subject to change) after school on Tuesday and Thursday.
    Students enrolled in learning lab have access to math tutoring each hour of the school day, except 5th hour.
    Students' grades will be updated on SIS after every quiz or test.  That is usually every week and a half or two weeks.
    While students are expected to keep track of their own daily assignments, I will post the day's assignment for each class on the calendar for each class.  The calendars are embedded in the class pages of this website.  Assignments will also be posted on Canvas.
    Algebra 2 College Prep notes through OneNote.
    Students in this class will need to go to familiarize themselves with the Canvas course which will be under construction as the year progresses.
    Everything from notes, to polls, to calendars for the class can be found there. 
    Student account information is:USERNAME: Active Directory username
    PASSWORD: State ID 
    Students in this class will need to familiarize themselves with the Canvas course that will be under construction this year.
    Everything from notes, to polls, to calendars for the class can be found here.  To access the online text materials go to the book website.

    Updates for all classes will be made through Canvas. 



     Last updated 8/11/19