Redesigning the State Assessment

  • Why does Missouri need a new state assessment?

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    Current state-required testing is not meaningful for students, teachers or families. 

    Missouri MAP test data does not provide an accurate, transparent reflection of student learning that students, parents and teachers can understand. It also does not provide teachers with what they need to effectively inform instruction. Just as important, the Missouri MAP test limits classroom instruction by focusing on compliance, not learning.

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  • In what ways would a new state assessment differ from the Missouri MAP? How will this result in a be

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    Students are empowered when they can track and understand their own learning in real time. When students receive timely feedback on their learning progress, they can understand where they are and set goals for their own growth.

    A new state assessment would be administered at multiple points during the school year, allowing students to set individualized goals, measure their progress and understand what they need to grow and succeed.

    In addition, a growth-based, through-year assessment provides teachers with timely information about each student that they can use to make real-time changes that have a positive impact on student learning.

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  • What do teachers think about a new, through-year state assessment system?

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    Our district already uses a through-year assessment in addition to administering the state MAP test. We have found this to be beneficial for both teachers and students for the following reasons:

    • Analyzing student data throughout the school year allows teachers to make real-time adjustments that will have an immediate impact on student outcomes.
    • Teachers feel valued and empowered when they receive timely data that they can use right away to make a positive impact on student learning.
    • The current state assessment testing window is valuable time that can be reclaimed for student learning.
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  • What is competency-based learning, and how does that fit into building a new state assessment?

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    • Students are empowered daily to make important decisions about their learning experiences, how they will create and apply knowledge, and how they will demonstrate their learning.
    • Assessment is a meaningful, positive, and empowering learning experience for students that yields timely, relevant, and actionable evidence.
    • Students receive timely, differentiated support based on their individual learning needs.
    • Students progress based on evidence of mastery, not seat time.
    • Students learn actively using different pathways and varied pacing.
    • Strategies to ensure equity for all students are embedded in the culture, structure, and pedagogy of schools and education systems.
    • Rigorous, common expectations for learning (knowledge, skills, and dispositions) are explicit, transparent, measurable, and transferable.
    • Students engage in Real World Learning experiences that support high school, college, career and workplace readiness.

    “Introduction to Competency-Based Education,” Aurora Institute, 2022

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  • What does the transition from the Missouri MAP test to a new state assessment look like? Will there

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    System Design Zone districts will apply for an innovation waiver request in Spring 2022, and these requests will be considered by the Missouri State Board of Education in June 2022. If approved, these districts will implement a through-year growth-based assessment, which will be used for state level accountability. However, students in these districts will continue to take the MAP test as well, and this will continue to be used for federal accountability until Missouri’s student assessment has been redesigned on a statewide level.

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