• Lindbergh Schools, in partnership with First Student, has created this plan to ensure that students are transported to and from school in a safe and healthy manner.

    Plan Details

    • Families will be required to sign up for bus service for each student.
    • Bus service will be limited to:
      • Elementary school students who live more than .5 miles from school
      • Middle and high school students who live more than 1 mile from school
      • Considerations will be made when there are no safe walk-to-school zones and/or hazards (ex: four-lane highways)
    • Bus service will be limited to transportation of students from home to school, and school to home.
    • All schools will track ridership for contact tracing purposes.
    • Students will follow district health screening protocols when riding the bus.
    • Students will not be permitted to ride any bus except the one to which they are assigned. This is a change from previous years, when students could ride a different bus with parent/guardian permission.


    • All students must wear a face covering on the bus, as required by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
    • All students will have assigned seats.
      • Family members may sit together.
    • All bus riders must remain in their seats and must abstain from touching other students.
    • Students and family members should practice social distancing at bus stops and follow CDC requirements for wearing face coverings on public transportation.

Sanitation and Driver Safety

    • First Student will sanitize buses according to district-approved protocols.
    • Drivers will wear face coverings during their routes and have access to gloves.

Parent Drop-Off and Pickup

    • Parents transporting their students to and from school should follow their school’s arrival and dismissal protocols, including actual drop-off and pickup times.
    • Do not block bus loading zones.
    • All drop-off and pickup will occur outside the school building.
    • Schools will employ crossing guards to assist with student walkers and bike riders.