Middle School Redesign for 2021-22

  • Two years ago, a Middle School Redesign Task Force was established to evaluate and rethink what middle school looks like, creating a flexible, high-quality learning experience that supports student success, real-world connections, collaboration and social-emotional well-being. The task force includes more than 40 middle school teachers, as well as students, parents, board members and administrators.

    The task force began its work in 2019 to evaluate the current middle school experience and create priorities for a new middle school structure and experiences. Through site visits to other schools, community surveys and shadowing middle school students, the task force identified several priorities for change.

    Several of those changes will be implemented for the 2021-22 school year, including a new student schedule and new elective offerings at both middle schools. The task force will continue to evaluate the impact of these changes and plan for future student experiences that meet the redesign priorities.