Earthquake Preparedness

  • By law, school districts are required to provide annual notice to parents and students of our earthquake preparedness procedures. We hope the following information will assure you that we have implemented as many protective measures as possible to assure we are prepared in case of emergency.

    • Our Crisis Procedures Manual and Emergency Response Plan have sections devoted solely to earthquake preparedness and response measures. These sections outline all school-related adult responsibilities during and following such an event, including the principal, teacher, counselor, custodian, secretary, nurse and central office personnel.

    • All building staff members are trained on these procedures annually. In addition, staff members are expected to have crisis manuals in close proximity.

    • Staff members have been informed to be prepared to shelter in place with students should an event occur which does not allow students to leave campus.

    • Off-campus evacuation sites are arranged on an annual basis for each building should the need arise. Each building principal can advise you of that location.

    • All large shelving and cabinets in the district have been bolted to walls to prevent injury.

    • In the case of an electrical failure, emergency lighting and other power sources can be supplied by generators.

    • Bottled drinks and water are available from food service providers.

    • Two-way radios are available on each campus for backup communication.

    • Procedures are in place and training provided for shutting off utilities such as gas and electric that could prove hazardous in the event of an earthquake.

    • If possible, communication with parents will be made via mass notification, website, social media, radio and television.

    • Student release procedures are in place as are provisions for maintaining student medical records during an emergency.

    • Post-earthquake procedures of a technical nature, but also for emotional support to students are in place through all staff, but directed by our social workers and school counselors.

    Any parent wishing to view a copy of our Emergency Response Plan may contact Terrell Baker, Lindbergh Schools Safety and Security Coordinator, at 314-729-2400, ext. 8625 or