How to Log In

  • Lindbergh uses the Frontline Absence Management system. You may hear it referred to by its former name, AESOP

    After you have been hired as a substitute teacher and have completed all new hire tasks, you will then be entered into the system and receive your log in information to begin picking up jobs.

    Substitute teachers are expected to take jobs often and be available the majority of the time, especially on Mondays and Fridays. 

    It is important to keep your AESOP profile updated in regard to preferred buildings, call times, etc. as well as to keep your calendar updated in regard to non work days. 

    Please be sure to watch the How To videos to learn how to edit these settings.


    Log In:


    How To/Help Videos:

    Help videos and articles can be found on AESOP under the Help Tab. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is Lindbergh's Substitute Teacher rate?
    The daily sub rate is $95 per day, $47.50 per half day. Subs are always paid either a half or full day, and hours are rounded up.  

    2. Why am I not seeing any jobs?
    There are a number of possible reasons that jobs aren't showing up pas available. There are a few things you can check. First, make sure that you aren't limiting yourself in your "Schools" preferences. Also, make sure that you have your call times set to allow maximum job offers.

    3. What do I do if I miss a call from the absence management system?
    If you missed that phone call, you can always call back, toll-free, at 1-800-942-3767 to hear a current list  of available jobs to accept. You  can also log in online to view those same jobs. You'll want to act quickly, though. The s system may have already called the next substitute in line with that job offer.

    4. What if I only can work at certain schools?
    If you only want to work at certain schools and don't want to accept job offers from others, it's as easy as setting up your "Schools" list in your preferences. Here, you can specify what locations you want to see jobs for, or specify those you do not. 

    5. What if I wake up feeling ill and am unable to report for my assignment?
    Please cancel the job via your AESOP home page. If you are unable to cancel, contact both the school and Human Resources and leave a message. School phone numbers can be found by selecting a school at the very top of the Lindbergh Schools homepage. The Human Resources Sub Coordinator can be reached at 314-729-2400 ext 4615.

    6. How do I check in at the buildings/will I get a badge or name tag?
    Each of our school buildings, minus the high school, only have one point of entry at the front office. When you go in for a sub job, you will go to the office, check in with the secretary, and in some buildings you may get a "visitor" badge to wear for the day. 

    7. What is the dress code for a substitute teacher?
    Subs are expected to dress nice, but comfortable and appropriately for the type of classroom they are in that day. For example, in a Kindergarten classroom, subs may be sitting on the floor and should dress as such. Jeans are appropriate to wear on Fridays.

    8. How will I take care of daily procedures such as taking attendance, lesson plans, and dismissal?
    The teacher you are subbing for will most likely have all of this information for you ready to go. Attendance is normally taken online, but as a sub, you will most likely send a paper form down to the office. It is expected that subs will follow the teacher's lesson plans as best as possible. Dismissal plans should be reviewed to be sure all students are in their correct groups (bus or parent pickup). Should you need any help, please send a student to ask a teacher nextdoor, or call the building secretary.

    9. What should I do about discipline and behavior issues if they should occur?
    The first and most important thing to do here is de-escalate the situation. You may send another child to get help, talk in a calm manner, help the student any way you can, call the secretary or principal if necessary, or just simply leave a note to the teacher explaining that a child was behaving poorly in the classroom. 

    10. What should I do if my substitute certificate is about to expire?
    Lindbergh Schools substitutes must be certified in order to be in the classroom. Responsibility to update certification falls on the individual, therefore, we are unable to help with recertification and you must contact DESE directly to figure out the next steps in this process if you wish to update your certification and remain a substitute teacher with Lindbergh. 

    To do so, visit DESE's website for further information on the process and requirements:

    As soon as you have received your new certification, please email a copy to Should your expiration date come before you recertify, we will have to temporarily disable your access to AESOP. Once we have the new certificate, we will be able to reinstate reinstate your access. 

    Helpful Tips
    Phones and devices are allowed in all Lindbergh classrooms for instructional purposes. Phones are not to be taken away at any time from a student. Should it become a problem, you may ask them to put it away, or leave a note for the teacher regarding the situation. If they are not causing any major disruptions to the classroom learning, then it is not a problem. It is important to be aware of what is accepted in the classroom - ask a nearby teacher if you are unsure!

    Substitute teachers are responsible for the children in their classroom and should never leave them unsupervised. 

    Remember, from Kindergarten to seniors in high school, they are all still just kids and will act as such!

    Be present in the classroom. Subs are expected to engage the students in learning and keep the classroom functioning as normal.

    The best two things you can do for any problems is to call for help or leave a note for the teacher!