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  • You should have received an automatic email from TalentEd Records with your required new hire paperwork tasks. If you didn't get this email, check your spam folder first. Then, you may try manually logging in via the instructions below. Finally, if you cannot log in and access your task list, please contact Melissa Wallace. 


    Please check out the Department Staff page, Duties Roster page, and other links to the left for more information!


    Here are the steps to sign in and complete the new hire paperwork:

    1. Click this link: https://lindbergh.tedk12.com/sso/account/login?pid=9&logout=True&allowLogin=False
    2. Then click the button that says "Logging in the for the first time?"
    3. Enter your email and they will send you instructions for getting your password
    4. Password must be at least 8 letters long with 1 special character - (Example: Appleton123$)
    5. Confirm your password by typing it again. You can then sign in using your username (full email address) and password that you have created.
    6. Then you should be able to see your task list and begin filling out the new hire paperwork (should you be logged in but not see any tasks, click the three colored bars at the top right hand corner and select "Records").

New Hire Paperwork FAQs

  • When will I get my paperwork?
    Your paperwork will automatically come to you in an email from TalentEd after you are hired by Human Resources. Please look for this email to log in and view your task list. If you do not have the email, you can access the paperwork by clicking here: https://lindbergh.tedk12.com/sso/account/login

    If you log in and it shows "0 Tasks", click on the three colored bars in the top right corner and switch to "Records". 

    How do I complete my paperwork?
    Make sure you are in “Records”. If you don’t see it (i.e. you are in “Perform”, click on three little colored bars in top right hand corner by “sign out” and select “Records”). All of the new hire paperwork is done online. All the items on your task list must be completed before your start date of employment. We do not accept printed out and signed copies of forms. The only physical "paperwork" we need is your documentation for the Federal I-9 Form.

    Why is it saying my forms are incomplete when I have filled out all of the information? Why won’t it let me sign?
    On some forms, you may have to click “Save Final” and then reopen the form to type your signature and select the check box below. Then you click “Submit” and should see the task as completed. On the Federal I-9 Form, no fields can be left blank; please write "N/A" where needed.

    What is the I-9 Form and how do I complete the it?
    The I-9 is a federal form to establish identity and eligibility to work. You will fill out and sign the Section 1 information online. Newly hired employees must come in to the Central Office with two forms of identification* no later than the first day of employment. Employees must present one selection from List A OR a combination of one selection from List B and one selection from List C. Please click HERE to see the full list of acceptable documentation.


    Do I have to get a new background check/TB test? 
    All new hires to Lindbergh must complete a Lindbergh-specific background check via the instructions in the new hire paperwork. We cannot accept background checks from anywhere else as they are not transferrable and we must be able to record you as a reigstered employee in our database. If you have completed a TB test within one year, you do not have to get that done again, pending you are able to supply evidence. You can contact the medical provider where you got your TB test administered and request the results and then upload that to the task form.

    Do I get a Lindbergh email address and how do I get my log in information?
    If you are a temporary employee (i.e. substitues, seasonal) you will not get a Lindbergh email address. Permanent employees will get a Lindbergh email address. Once it has been established, the Technology department will contact you with your log in information. 

    What is the difference between Classified and Certified Employees?
    Classified employees are comprised of academic support positions (ASI/Academic Monitor/Teacher Asst, Building Asst, Literacy Teaching Asst), office personnel positions, nurses, and facilities to name a few. *Please note: you may be a certified person hired for a classified position, therefore, you are a Classified Employee with Lindbergh Schools. 

    Certified employees are Teachers, Librarians, Guidance Counselors, and Administrators.

    How will I record the hours I work?
    Lindbergh uses a clocking/leave system for Classified Employees called TimeClock Plus (TCP). If you have been hired as a Certified Employee, you will NOT use TCP.

    The log on link can be found by going to the Lindbergh home page and clicking the "Staff" dropdown link and selecting "TimeClock Plus" (https://rs2.tcplusondemand.com/app/webclock/#/EmployeeLogOn/61367). You will log on using your Employee ID. You will begin clocking it/out on your first official paid day. A list of helpful articles can be found here: https://go.lindberghschools.ws/Page/7657

    For any questions or issues, please contact Kathy Wood in Business Services: 314-729-2400 ext. 8642 or kwood@lindberghschools.ws


    How do I find out what my Employee ID is?
    You can find your Employee ID on the Portal Letter that will be mailed to you. On the letter, the 5-digit password is your ID. If you have not received your Portal Letter by the time of your start date, please contact Melissa Wallace at melissawallace@lindberghschools.ws


    To view your Employee Handbook, please click here. We have several handbooks for different employee groups, so please check to see which one contains your specific job title. Should you have any questions, please contact Katie Etheridge at katherineetheridge@lindberghschools.ws.


    Where can I get more information about benefits and insurance?
    Please contact Ann Worthen in Business Services at 314-729-2400, ext. 8640 or annworthen@lindberghschools.ws with questions about benefits and insurance.