• All About Mr. Warren

  • The Basics first. I have been teaching for 9 years in a variety of science subjects at a few schools. Most recently my wife and I were teaching in South America; specifically for 2 years in Cali, Colombia in an international school.

    Living and travelling in South America has been amazing. We travelled through the Galapagos Islands, the Amazon rain forest, the Ecuadorian highlands, the coffee triangle in Colombia, whale watching on the pacific coast of Colombia, and touring the sacred valley surrounding Machu Pichu in Peru. These are all experiences that I get to bring into the classroom with our students. My wife and I are also outdoor and camping enthusiasts having travelled to many places across our nation with plans to view even more of it in the future.

    In addition to exploring and experiencing various wilderness locations I am an avid board game player, Anime fan, visual artist, lover of books and dogs.

    By the time my first school year at lindbergh has started I should also be a new father for the first time. So, along with teaching high school science I expect to be learning a lot of new things myself this year. 

Me and Teacher friends in a mangrove waterfall
me at cano cristales
Jessy and I at the Galapagos