• Guten Tag, ich heiße Frau Siess! Willkommen im Deutschunterricht!

    Hi, my name is Frau (Ms.) Siess! Welcome to German class!


    Frau in Dirndl    


    Hometown: Union, MO


    High School: St. Francis Borgia, Washington, MO

     Gummy bear German flag


    I am the youngest of 4 with two brothers & one sister. 


    I currently live in Chesterfield, MO & my parents, siblings & 3 nieces all live in the St. Louis area. 


    Frau with parents and niece at SLU graduation


    I graduated from SLU in 2010 with a B.S. in Secondary Ed. & a Major in German Studies. 


    I spent the first 8 years of my teaching career at Parkway Southwest & West Middle Schools.


    Flags of Germany, Switzerland & Austria


    I began learning German as a Freshman in high school.


    Much like many of my German students,

    I chose to begin learning German because much of my family heritage is German. 



    Frau in front of Neuschwannstein Castle


    I have been to the German-speaking world 6 times (so far!).


    My first experience was an exchange trip to Marbach am Neckar, Germany in 2005.


    Heidelberg, Germany


    I studied abroad in Heidelberg, Germany for a semester in college. 


    I have taken 3 groups of students on exchange trips to Germany,

    twice to Haren in nothern Germany and once to Stuttgart!


    Frau and Exchange Partner, Bremen, 2016


    I got the chance to reunite with my high school exchange partner in the summer of 2016 while on an exchange trip with students of my own! 


    I am so excited to share my love of German and the German-speaking world with my students!