• Greetings Students and Parents!  Welcome to the 2018-19 school year and 6th grade!  I would like to take a moment to introduce myself.

    Teaching Experience:

    Truman Middle School

    6th Grade - This is my first year in Lindbergh and I am honored to become a member of the Lindbergh family!


    Hazelwood Central Middle School

    8th Grade US History - 9 Years

    6th Grade US History - 1 Year



    I went to Webster University and graduated in 2007 with two degrees.  I have a BA in History (emphasis in Political Science) and a BA in Education (Secondary).



    I married my wife in 1996.  We have two boys, Declan and Eoin.  Declan is 8 years old and loves baseball.  Eoin is 5 years old and loves to dress up in goofy costumes and ride his scooter in the neighborhood.  

    Declan    Eoin     Vacation Selfie



    I was born and raised in Saint Louis.  My mom is from Northern Ireland and my dad was from Saint Louis.  I have two older brothers and we all played a considerable amount of hockey and baseball.  As a child, I remember my mom teaching Irish dance lessons in our living room.  We often traveled to feis' around the country to watch her dancers compete.  



    Baseball Team? 

    Cardinals.  In fact, I am indoctrinating my children to become avid fans and both of them know this golden rule in our house:  

    "When do we root for the Cardinals?  Always!"

    "When do we root for the Cubs?  Never!"

    When do we root for the Brewers?  Only when they are playing the Cubs!"


    Hockey Team? 

    Blues.  Could this be the year we bring home Lord Stanley's Cup?  We can only hope!


    Favorite Foods?

    Our whole family loves Mexican cuisine.  I would eat it 7 days a week if I could!


    Favorite Restaurant?

    It's too hard to choose just one!  We love to dine out in our family.  As much as we love Mexican cuisine, my favorite restaurant may be Anthonino's Taverna.  However, I cannot overlook Rosalita's, Biggies, Double D's Pizzeria, Farattos, and Citizen Kane's Steak House.  However, this is a list that will continue to grow because food is amazing!