• Hello!

    My name is Tim Deposki, and I am delighted to be teaching History at LHS. I was born and raised in Saint Louis, right here in the Lindbergh District (Go Class of 2011!!). Growing up the second of six kids, I spent the majority of my time playing Pokémon, lightsaber dueling, nerf-gun firing, playing sports, and going on camping trips with my brothers. Despite being a triplet, you could say that I'm truly one of a kind.

    As an avid sports enthusiast, I am a massive Saint Louis sports fan (Cards, Blues, you name it! Just don't mention football. Still sour about it!). I can't wait for the Blues to finally bring Lord Stanley through Market street!! Speaking of marching, I hold marching band here at Lindbergh close to my heart. I played trumpet and got to "Walk With Purpose" in the 2011 Rose Bowl Parade under director Bob Spiegelman. The band directors and the history teachers here at Lindbergh influenced and inspired me to want to return and share my passion of history with our great students!

    When I am not in the classroom, I greatly enjoy a variety of activities, including spending time with family and friends, playing and watching sports, enjoying the outdoors, reading, taking care of the menagerie of pet in my house and playing old-school video games (especially N64 or Gamecube- by the way, Donkey Kong is the best character in any game. Period). I am also a fan of carnivorous plants, as they contain both the serenity and savagery of nature. 

    At Lindbergh, I currently sponsor Youth And Government, Mock Trial, and co-direct the Diversity Fair. I can't wait to work together this year!!

     Picture of Family

    Picture of my family

    (From top row, from left: 1 minute younger brother, Matt, younger brother Ben, myself, 2 minute younger brother Danny, and Mom; Bottom row, from left: Dad, younger sister, Angela, and older siter, Linda)

    Picture of Mia the cat                Picture of the dogs                Picture of Ellie the Cat

    Pictures of my dogs and cats. From left: Mia the cat. The middle picture is Akeela, Sadie, and Lucy. The picture on the right is of Ellie the cat.

    (No worries, I didn't put up a picture of the guinea pig, bearded dragon, water turtles, leopard gecko, frogs, or box turtles!)