Central Office Duties Roster - Who to Contact

  • Need help with something but not sure who to contact? Look below for the most common Central Office functions by keyword to find the corresponding contact person! 


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    • Accounts Payable = Devon Bell/Chris Vogt (part-time), Business

    • Accounts Receivable = Carol Tague, Business

    • Active Directory (logging into to computer and WiFi) = Technology

    • Address/Phone/Name Changes (may self-submit via Portal/Cloud - instructions here) = Melissa Wallace, HR

    • AESOP/Sub Teachers = Sarah Hamman, HR

    • Benefits/Insurance = Ann Worthen, Business

    • Board Docs = Laura Hecht

    • BTAP Program for New Teachers = Rachel Slunaker, C&I and Kim Gabrian, HR

    • Buildings/Grounds = Karl Guyer (Exec. Dir)/Willoughy Williams (Dir.), Facilities

    • Bus Transportation = Ann Worthen/Joël Cracchiolo, Business

    • Central Office Front Desk = Kim Bauer

    • Certification Renewals = Kim Gabrian, HR

    • Chartwells Food Service = Gloria Holliday/Cathy Clark

    • Conference/Workshop Registration = Rachel Slunaker, C&I

    • Contracts/Salary Placement = Katie Etheridge, HR

    • Core Data = Michelle McRoy, Technology

    • Curriculum Research and Process, Materials and Distribution = C&I

    • Custodial Supervisors = Sara Cleveland/Ray Weinhold, Facilities

    • Elementary Education/Professional Learning = Dr. Craig Hamby, Director C&I

    • Employee File - TalentEd: Records = Katie Etheridge, HR

    • Employee Portal (pay, benefits, tax information) User Guide = Kim Bauer, Front Desk, Business

    • Employee Relations Issues = Dr. Brian McKenney, HR

    • Employment Verifications (including PSLF) = Kim Gabrian, HR

    • End-of-Year Staff Recognition Ceremony = Kim Gabrian, HR

    • Evaluations/PGP - TalentEd: Perform = Katie Etheridge, HR

    • Facilities Department Secretary = Stephanie Mesplay, Facilities

    • Federal Programs = C&I

    • FMLA Leave (Family/Medical Leave) = Katie Etheridge, HR

    • Gifted/Innovation Programs = Dr. Jana Parker, Director C&I

    • Gmail/Google Apps = Technology
    • Handbooks = Katie Etheridge, HR

    • Health Services/Nurses = Eva Gallina, Lead Nurse; Ronni Zagora, Director C&I

    • Homeless Transportation = Terri Musante, C&I

    • Interpreters = Terri Musante, C&I

    • Job postings and job applications - TalentEd: Recruit and Hire = Melissa Wallace, HR

    • Leave (vacation, sick, personal days) -TimeClockPlus = Katie Etheridge, HR

    • LiNC = Colin Davitt/Doug Barton, C&I

    • Lindbergh Foundation = Erica Keating, Communications

    • LindberghU = Rachel Slunaker, C&I

    • My Learning Plan (PD) = Rachel Slunaker, C&I

    • Negotiations (LNEA, LAOP) = Dr. Brian McKenney, HR

    • New Employee Paperwork/Onboarding - TalentEd: Records = Melissa Wallace, HR

    • Paychecks (to request new W4 tax forms visit the employee FAQ) = Claudia Hynes, Payroll, Business

    • Policy Questions = Dr. Brian McKenney, HR

    • Purchase Orders/Account Codes = Kathy Wood, Business

    • Residency Waivers = Terri Musante, C&I

    • SafeSchools Training = Rachel Slunaker, C&I

    • Secretary to the Superintendent = Laura Hecht

    • School Websites = Tony Dobson, Communications

    • SISFIN = Kathy Wood, Director of Accounting, Business

    • Student Programs/Curriculum = Ronni Zagora, Director C&I 

    • Student Services/Assessment = Dr. Jill Lawson, Director C&I

    • Student Teacher Placement = Sarah Hamman, HR

    • Superintendent of Schools = Dr. Tony Lake

    • Teacher of the Year/Support Staff Person of the Year Programs = Kim Gabrian, HR

    • Technology Department Secretary = Jan Liebel

    • Tenure Status = Katie Etheridge, HR

    • TimeClockPlus for help on clocking in and out; Help documents = Kathy Wood, Director of Accounting, Business

    • Tuition Reimbursement/Education Changes (My Learning Plan)  = Melissa Wallace, HR

    • Volunteer Background Checks = Kim Gabrian, HR

    • Worker's Comp = Ann Worthen, Business

    • Years of Service Tracking = Katie Etheridge, HR

    Department Contact Information:

    Business Services | Joël Cracchiolo, Chief Financial Officer

    Communications | Beth Johnston, Chief Communications Officer

    Curriculum & Instruction | Dr. Tara Sparks, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction 

    Human Resources | Dr. Brian McKenney, Assistant Superintendent of HR

    Facilities | Karl Guyer, Executive Director; Willoughby Williams, Director

    Technology (x8880 help line) | Mariano Marin-Gomez, Director; Dominic Jaggie, Assistant Director


    (Please note, SSD-MO staff is not managed by Lindbergh Human Resources. However, should you have any questions relating to SSD staff, please contact Dr. Jill Lawson in the C&I Department.)