• Full Value PE Daily Points

    1 point for Dress

    1 point for Effort/Behavior

    1 point for Participation

    Students will also be able to earn points towards their overall grade for demonstrating functional movements in PE & project based learning in health


    Full Value Agreement

    Coach Norton’s Health & PE, Sperreng Middle School

    Greetings! Due to the nature of risk with Physical Education, we seek ensure the safest learning environment for our students.  To build and maintain a safe environment, we expect the highest levels of student behavior and appropriate participation.


    Student portion: In order to get full value from Physical Education, I agree to conduct myself in a safe, responsible and respectful manner in all aspects of the Physical Education program.  To do so, I will;


    Play FAIR

    Behavior:  Positive healthy choices at all times. Raise your hand to speak, be quiet and listen when teacher or someone else in class has the floor to speak.

    Good Sportsmanship:  Show honor for the game and respect for one another.  Work well together, be positive and help make everyone great, not just yourself.

    Play SAFE

    Follow directions:  Follow directions the first time they are given, always.  Follow specific safety procedures for all activities, proper equipment & facility usage (such as sport-related games, strength & conditioning activities, swimming, archery etc.)  Only use equipment that you have been directed and approved to use  

    Be Kind:  respect self, others and the school facilities, always.


    Play Hard

    Effort:  Do your best, always.  Give your best effort physically and emotionally. Give an effort that is respectful to yourself and other participants.  Be supportive, encouraging and positive towards your peers. HAVE FUN, BE SAFE!


    By signing, I understand and agree to honor this agreement.  I understand that this agreement exists for the health, well-being, and integrity of all participating in this Physical Education program. Violation of this agreement may result in my loss of privilege to participate, including the possibility of write ups, phone calls home and further disciplinary action.



    Strike One = verbal warning for behavior and safety procedures

    Strike Two = Time out of class participation, return ready to be a part of the class. Lunch detention earned.

    Strike Three = out of class for remainder of lesson, contact parents and building Principal