• Coach Norton  


    Greetings and Welcome to Sperreng Health & Fitness! 


    I am really excited to be at Sperreng Middle School as a Health-Fitness Educator.  I have been a certified personal trainer over the years and have a passion for pursuing wellness.  I believe that health-related fitness programs are best built on a solid foundation of great relationships and a sense of community. Great relationships in a welcoming community lead to learning.   My hope is for each our students to share in a positive learning experience in my PE class. From that I hope students will develop an inspired curiosity to pursue a lifetime of fitness related activities and healthy decision making.  In other words, I hope all of our students are able to seek a purposeful and meaningful life!



     Kit Norton

    Play Fair, Play Safe, Play HARD!
    2nd hour plan time
    'I am.'  These are two of the most powerful words you can use to begin a sentence.  The important thing is what words you use to finish that sentence.