How Does Lindbergh Partner With United Way?

  • Each year, Lindbergh runs a campaign to collect donations to support United Way and 160 local agencies. From your donation, 90 cents of every dollar you give goes directly to helping our neighbors around us. We fully support this organization because it provides real, tangible results right in our own backyards. From helping someone with a cancer diagnosis, to homless people, to children who need extra love and support, and to seniors, the list goes on and on of the people's lives you will touch by making a donation. Lindbergh is proud to run this campaign each year and applauds our employees for their generosity and drive to make a difference. 

    Lindbergh's Employee Campaign Coordinator (ECC) is Melissa Wallace.



  • Dates: October 22—November 2

    Total Money Raised: $8,924 

    Highest Donating Building:
    Central Office, 

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