• Welcome!

    I am SO excited that I will have you in class this year and I am looking forward to getting to know each of you! First, I'd like you to know a litle bit about me. For starters, I am from Iowa and recently moved to St. Louis- and yes, there is more than just corn in Iowa. Just a little piece of advice- I would not ask me who my favorite sports teams are because I am sure that you will not like the answers! I am a recent graduate from Truman State University with my Masters. While at Truman, I played volleyball for four years. I was also fortunate enough to travel to Ireland and play against the Irish National Team. For all student-athletes/band/choir members out there- I know how hard you work and I cannot wait to come watch your games and cheer you on! 

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    While I am not in the classroom, I love being active. I still play volleyball (although it might be a little ugly) and I enjoy running and hiking. I consider myself a professional foodie- I love trying new restraurants, attemping new recicpies, and just having fun in the kitchen! As I am far away from family, I enjoy all the time I can spend with them. As an athlete all my life, I prefer to work in teams and collaborate. To my students and their awesome parents- I am very excited to work together this year!