Central Administration Office Construction

  • Lindbergh Schools will take a key step toward restoring much needed additional classrooms at Lindbergh High School by vacating district-level programs such as technology, facilities, curriculum, finance and human resources in fall 2017.

    In order to return this critical instructional space to LHS students, the school district has purchased the former Johnny’s Market property, 11555 Gravois Road, and will move Central Office staff to the new location in fall 2017. The 12 departments and approximately 50 employees are currently housed at Lindbergh High School.

    “Lindbergh High School is already filled to capacity, and our enrollment projections for grades K-12 show that we will continue to add 200 new students per year for the foreseeable future,” said Assistant Superintendent Dr. Brian McKenney. “As this growing student population continues to move toward the high school, we need a solution that creates additional classroom space and fits within our budget.”

    In the past 10 years, Lindbergh Schools has taken proactive steps with the community’s support to address enrollment growth at the elementary and middle school levels. Now, the growth is headed toward LHS, which already has one of the highest student enrollments in the state. Every available classroom is currently being used for instruction, and projections show that high school enrollment will continue increasing to 750 students per grade level by 2020. Simply stated, LHS will not be able to handle future growth without additional classrooms.

    The district was fortunate to be able to purchase the Johnny’s Market property at below appraised market value. This is a one-time capital expense, which means no funding will come from the operations budget. Operations revenue will continue to be reserved for salaries and expenses related to the classroom such as textbooks and curriculum.

    “The site at Sappington and Gravois is an ideal central location for the Lindbergh district, and will allow us to serve our schools and community efficiently,” said Superintendent Dr. Jim Simpson. “Johnny’s Market is a local landmark, and we respect the long history it has in our community. We look forward to revitalizing this intersection with new construction and being a good neighbor to the surrounding homes and businesses.”

    Central Administration Office
    Central Administration Office