Lindbergh U

  • Lindbergh Schools is proud to offer a unique learning opportunity to all district teachers. LindberghU allows teachers to learn and grow, while earning credit hours and/or additional pay. LindberghU offers courses taught by Lindbergh teachers for Lindbergh teachers.

    What is LindberghU?

    • LindberghU courses are rigorous, college-level experiences consisting of readings, discussions, class time, and research taught by and for Lindbergh teachers.
    • The focus of LindberghU courses are to improve the pedagogy of our teachers.
    • All LindberghU courses require face-to-face meeting times and assignments outside of the scheduled meeting times.
    • LindberghU participants are compensated in one of two ways:
      • Credit hours towards a higher salary channel
      • Payment based on credit hours

    How much class time equals a credit?

    • Courses can be offered for a half or full credit.
    • 6 hours seat time = 1/2 credit, 12 hours seat time = 1 credit
      • Exception: A person may earn three hours of credit if they take a course and teach a course in the same semester.
      • A maximum of two salary-credit courses may be taken per semester.
      • Course schedules may be a few weeks, semester-long, year-long, or custom-created.
      • Courses must be offered outside of contracted time.