Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between an SIP, IAP and IEP?

    A Student Intervention Plan (SIP) is a document used to track accommodations, modifications and interventions for a student who is struggling. Many students' needs are met with these plans, and they provide communication among teachers. SIPs may also be used in conjunction with other data collection tools to determine if a student should be evaluated for special education.

    An Individualized Accommodation Plan (IAP) is based on Section 504. This is a plan that provides accommodations for students with disabilities that significantly impact a major life activity. For example, a student in a wheel chair requires specific accommodations to access education.

    An Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is a document used by Special School District of St. Louis County to provide specific interventions and strategies for students with disabilities.

    How do I inquire about an IEP for my student?

    After speaking with your student's teacher, please contact your school counselor to discuss possible interventions through the RTI (Reponse to Intervention) process where students are provided additional supports to remediate any concerns. Ultimately, the goal is to meet student needs without identifying a student as disabled.

    You may also make a specific request for referral for special education. Within 30 days, Special School District of St. Louis County and Lindbergh Schools will gather information to determine if an evaluation is needed.

    Once a decision to evaluate has been made, what are the timelines for receiving an IEP?

    Once a Notice of Action Proposed - Intent to Evaluate has been issued and parents have given informed consent, Special School District of St. Louis County has 60 days to evaluate the student and hold a meeting with the parents/guardians to determine if the student qualifies for special education services.

    If the team decides that special education services are warranted, the school district has 30 days to convene an IEP meeting.