• All students will need the following materials:
    • pencils and pens
    • ONE of the following organizational systems: a notebook and folder OR a section of your binder with loose leaf paper
    • Graphing Calculator: I recommend the  "TI-84 Plus CE" model, however any calculator from the TI-83 or 84 family will suffice.  I DO NOT recommend TI-NSPIRE or TI-89 models.  Casio brand calculators are cheaper, however all teachers at LHS instruct from Texas Instrument brands, and this may cause some confusion for the student using a Casio.  If you have questions regarding calculators, please contact me via email.
    • Optional:
      • graph paper (Some students like to have a notebook that is made of graph paper.)
      • highlighters
      • colored pencils or pens in various colors
    Geometry students:
    It may be to your advantage to have these items at home.  I have classroom sets of these items, so you do not have to bring them with you to class.
    • protractor 
    • ruler