• Class Overview

    Students in French 2 Honors will continue to build upon the base of language they learned in French 1. Our class will primarily focus on discussing topics that are relevant and interesting to high schooler's lives. We will be doing a lot of active listening, reading texts that we co-create as a class, as well as level-appropriate books, and writing about what we've listened to and read. Finally, we will practice speaking once we feel comfortable with listening, reading, and writing. 

    My goals for this class are as follows:

    1) students feel comfortable in the classroom 

    2) students are exposed to a wide variety of topics based on the individual interests of each class

    3) students gain an appreciation for the similarities and differences between our culture and the culture of many francophone countries

    4) students begin to refine their grammar skills when writing and speaking

    Ways to support our French classroom

    I am in the process of creating a library of French books that are both interesting and level-appropriate for beginning French students. If you would like to purchase a book, the Amazon wish lists below have lots of ideas. This is strictly optional, but would be very much appreciated by myself and my students!

    Amazon US wish list

    Amazon Canada wish list  

    From time to time, I create Donor's Choose projects to help make my classroom dreams a reality. This summer I was able to get bookshelves, magazine holders, magazine subscriptions,  books for our library, and a tripod for our classroom (for videotaping class stories we create) - all from the generosity of Lindbergh parents! Merci beaucoup! Click below to see if I have any active projects. 

    Donor's Choose Pincus LHS


    French 2 Honors Syllabus