Arrival Procedures

     Students may arrive in the building between 8:20 and 8:45 if they are being dropped off by a parent.  Students arriving on the bus will not be dropped off until 8:30. Students arriving prior to 8:30 will be directed to the cafeteria where they may purchase breakfast and visit with friends.  Students will be released from the cafeteria at 8:30.

    “External” Drop Off:

    In the morning, parent drop off will utilize a single line of traffic through the side parking lot off of Twilight towards the front of the building.  Students are not permitted to exit cars in the lane farthest from the building so it is imperative that all cars follow a single line at this time. Please see the map attached for further explanation.

    “Internal” Drop Off:

    Parents who choose to drop their child off inside the school building have been encouraged to create a ritual where goodbyes are said at the front doors of the school.  This helps students build confidence and independence. Classrooms are closed to parents and students prior to 8:30, unless scheduled by the classroom teacher.