Dress Code

  • Students need to be groomed and dressed appropriately for school and school related activities. Brief or form-fitting clothing which allows undue exposure of the body is not permitted; (i.e., backless and tube tops, muscle shirts,spaghetti straps, uncovered tights and see-through clothing). Bare feet are not permitted. Clothing which displays insignia or slogans that are offensive, profane, sexually suggestive or promote illegal substances (including tobacco, and alcohol are not permitted. Head coverings and sunglasses are not to be worn inside buildings. Gang-related attire is not permitted.

    Articles of clothing are to be worn appropriately. All clothing which is disruptive or distracting to the learning process is prohibited. As determined by an administrator, when a student’s appearance or mode of dress may disrupt the educational process or constitute a threat to health or safety, the student shall be required to make appropriate modifications.