Registration deadline May 31, 2105
 New $50.00 late fee will take effect after the May 31st. deadline for grades 2-8

 Kindergarten,1st grade and new students to the district will have until August 28th to register.


 The LAA spring soccer coaches meeting is March 26@ Truman 6:00 pm
Thank you. 


The LAA office and District Activity Office would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our parent volunteers for their time and effort with this year’s LAA Volleyball and Spring Soccer programs.

The entire LAA program is based on the willingness and commitment of our district parents to step up and support Lindbergh children by coaching.  We are all lucky to have the kind of parents who find time in their busy lives to help provide these opportunities for our children.

It is very easy to say no.  The parents listed below have gone out of their way to say “ YES I WILL “ to  Lindbergh kids. 

Please join us in thanking the following parents for their dedication to the Lindbergh family and for the countless hours that they have spent coaching and providing guidance to those participating in our LAA programs:


Kim Hessler, Shannon Houston, Tammy & Bob Doyle, Jeff & Rachel Shelton, Kala Kennedy, Stacy Vondera, Amy Agostini, Kelly Kimberlin, Jim Goss, Julie Lanio, Amanda Winkler, Jackie Natsch, Cindy Lucido, Jeff Lubsch, Ruth Brunette, Kelly Abbott, Chris Schall, Larry & Tanya Gainer, Matt Keutzer, Rebecca Gallant, Lori Jackson, Ken Hessler, Michelle & Tom Dineen, Chris & Rhohna Allen, Matt Frank, Michael Tichenor, Terry Edwards, Bill Van Dyke, Patrick Sullivan, Scott Thomas, Trevor White, David Hood, Eric Hummel, Drew Hrach, Blaise Azzara,Denny White, Mike Laux, Tim Emert, Tom Turner, Tony Tucci, Matt Seeker, Doug Sparr, Allen Jones, Stacy Nelson, Brian Moormann, Amy Parent, Dan Sufnauer, Bryan Mueller, Steve Smith, Nathan Schultz, Jim Meinhardt, Kim Baum, Matt Clancy, Tara Sewing, Mike & Amy Parker, Doug Turnbough, Kit Smith, Kevin Ellison, Doug Mehringer, Keith Astroth, Robin Duvall, John Brown

A special thanks as well to LAA Director of Volleyball, Diane Forthaus,  and Matt Seeker, Director of Soccer

We also want to thank our LAA Volunteer Board and School Directors. They donate a lot of time helping us get the LAA information to parents, asking for parent volunteers, responding to parent questions and concerns and making sure that LAA programs run safely and efficiently. Our LAA Volunteer Board and School Directors are made up of the following parent volunteers:

Bill Van Dyke, Richard Breeding, Mike Fitts, Diane Forthaus, Michael Breeding, Shannon

Houston, Jim Meinhardt, Raul Garcia, Doug Sparr, Bob Kozlowski, Matt Seeker, Larry &

Tanya Gainer, Greg Pike, Karen Chandler, and Mary Blackwell


Bill Hopkins (Director of District Activity Office)

Wilma Desnoyer (Sports Supervisor)

Nancy LaRose (Sports Supervisor)

The LAA hot line 314-729-2400 x 7553 will be updated by 7:30 am Please do not leave messages on this extension.


Dressel School
10255 Musick Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63123
Phone: 314.729.2400