Time for some B-ball!  LAA Winter Basketball!  
Coaches Meeting will take place on Monday November 30th, at 6:30pm in the Truman Middle School Cafe'
Wilma Desnoyer 
All levels of Lindbergh Gymnastics Program at ECE west are now full!  The Next Gymnastics Session will start in January of 2016. 
Families interested in signing up the next session will be able to register in December
Thank you,
Wilma Desnoyer 
 Wilma Desnoyer the LAA Sports Supervisor at 729-2400 x4909. 

The LAA office and District Activity Office would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our parent volunteers for their time and effort.

The entire LAA program is based on the willingness and commitment of our district parents to step up and support Lindbergh students and community by coaching. We are all lucky to have the kind of parents who find time in their busy lives to help provide these opportunities for our children.

It is very easy to say no.  The parents that do volunteer have gone out of their way to say “ YES I WILL “ to  Lindbergh kids. 

Please join us in thanking the parents for their dedication to the Lindbergh family and for the countless hours that they have spent coaching and providing guidance to those participating in our LAA programs:

Our LAA Volunteer Board and School Directors are made up of the following parent volunteers:

Bill Van Dyke - Kennerly (Bvd8871@hotmail.com

Richard Breeding - Truman (breedingrbp@yahoo.com
Diane Forthaus - Long (tjdjfort@sbcglobal.net)
Doug Sparr - LAA Board Member/ Truman(dsparr@ameren.com)
Bob Kozlowski - LAA Board Member/Basketball Director (bobkoz@att.net) 
Matt Seeker- Concord/ Soccer (matt.seeker@gmail.com)
Larry & Tanya Gainer - Sperreng (Lgainer5@sbcglobal.net)
Kit Norton - Director District Activities ( knorton@lindberghschools.ws)
Wilma Desnoyer- Sports Supervisor (wdesnoyer@lindberghschools.ws)
Nancy LaRose - Sports Supervisor (nlarose@lindberghschools.ws) 
The LAA hot line 314-729-2400 x 7553 will be updated by 7:30 am Please do not leave messages on this extension.

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ECE West
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Phone: 314.729.2400

Kit Norton - Director of Activities
314-729-2400 x 4910 
Wilma Desnoyer - Sports Supervisor
314-729-2400 x 4909
Nancy LaRose - Sports Supervisor
314-729-2400 x 4911