Kennerly Elementary School's mission is to involve the entire Kennerly Family in creating a child-oriented environment where individuals are challenged to become responsible, productive, life-long learners.

To reach any of our staff, please dial 314-729-2400 and use the listed extensions below. Click on a staff member's name to reach their website.

LEAP Webpage can be viewed here.

Office Title Ext. E-mail
Todd Morgan Principal  4400 Send E-mail
Toni Gries Secretary  4500 Send E-mail
Tammi Marcinkiewicz Counselor  4520 Send E-mail
Randa Mirbaha Nurse 4510 Send E-mail
Kate Wolfard Nurse  4510  Send E-mail 
Name/Link to Website Ext. E-mail
Peggy Kaeser 4002 Send E-mail
Jennifer McDowell 4003 Send E-mail
Kris Parmeley 4001 Send E-mail
First Grade
Christi Heddell
4012  Send E-mail 
Kayla Neuenswander   4011  Send E-mail 
Sheryl Nickless 4009 Send E-mail
Shana Padda 4010 Send E-mail
Second Grade
Nancy Doering   4004 Send E-mail
Karen Kempen 4006 Send E-mail
Leslie Mayer 4005 
Kimberly Stetzel  4007  Send E-mail 
Third Grade
Bonnie Oberkirsch 4020
Send E-mail
Amy Puleo 4018 Send E-mail
Crystal Williams 4019 Send E-mail
Fourth Grade
Jessica Dimitro 4017 Send E-mail
Ashley Gordon 4016 Send E-mail
Jessica Heitmann  4015  Send E-Mail 
Mij Lembeck 4014 Send E-mail
Fifth Grade
Nick Argint 4112 Send E-mail
Jennifer Schaefer 4113 Send E-mail
Debbie Sobeck 4212 Send E-mail
Nancy Steffel 4211 Send E-mail
Teresa Winfield 4022 Send E-mail
Bev Coleman 4351 Send E-mail
Liz Rich 4351 Send E-mail
Lori Tullmann - CSR 4090 Send E-mail
Rich Dryer - PE 4470 Send E-mail
Ann Mikolajczak - Art 4114 Send E-mail
Mike Franzel - Music 4214 Send E-mail
Paula Graef - Librarian 4540 Send E-mail
Tim Marting-ITA 4011  Send E-mail 
Cynthia Freeman - Technology  Assistant 4546 Send E-mail
Bridget Baudrexl - Building Assistant 4080 Send E-mail
Susan Novak - Building Assistant 4080 Send E-mail
Cheryl Astroth - Building Assistant 4080 Send E-mail
Margo Sample-Building Assistant 4080  Send E-Mail 
Karen Foerstel-Library Assistant  4540  Send E-mail 
Amy Willie - SSD Speech 4302 Send E-mail
Susan Clark - SSD 4021 Send E-mail
Peggy Frank - SSD 4021 Send E-mail
Liz Keller - Speech and Language
Send E-mail
Jeanne Halaz-SSD  4008 Send-Email 
Vikki Gilson-SSD Resource  4021 Send-Email 
Mary Turner-SSD Resource    4008    Send E-mail 
Sarah Crowe-SSD  5060  Send-Email 
Jeff Leigh  4530  Send-Email 
Gary LaClaire  4530  Send E-mail 
Rosalie Hubert 4560 Send E-mail
Ann Vitale 4560 Send E-mail